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NL 2-7 - Poker-Strategy

NL 2-7 poker strategy advice isn't exactly in abundance online or offline. There are some key concepts though that will help you improve as a player. The first is position, it's a fact that the hands you play in position will be more profitable than those that you play out of position. Position is extremely important when playing nl 2-7 single draw because you get to see how many cards your opponent draws before you act. You can then base your actions on the actions of your opponent.

Two important NL 2-7 single draw tips to remember:

  1. A Jack high hand is always a favorite over a player who draws 1 card.
  2. A Queen high hand is always a favorite over a player who draws 2 cards.

Using the 2-7 single draw tips above when in position you can play perfectly in certain situations. When out of position this just isn't possible. Also remember that when playing nl 2-7 single draw that two card draws are pretty much trash, this is not the case when playing Triple Draw because you have more chances to improve your hand. Triple Draw is usually played as a fixed limit game where as Single Draw is played as a no limit game.

The advice we gave in this article is only a blanket introduction to 2-7 lowball strategy. This game is much more situational, and involves reads, tells, studying an opponent, and playing the meta-game more than any other variant of poker. This is perhaps the most brilliant thing about 2-7 lowball: that while the game appears simple, it is a game where the best players win the most often. This is because the fundamental theories and strategies of poker as a whole are much more relevant here than game specific strategy. This creates the illusion that more luck is involved than there actually is.

The only way to get good at 2-7 lowball is by a lot of practice. Reading 2-7 lowball strategy, such as the 20 page section in Doyle Brunson's book Super Systems (the original version), will help in the learning process and give you an idea of some good 2-7 Triple Draw tips, but ultimately mastering the game is going to involve playing a lot of hands on your own.